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Leia's Hope Canine Rescue - Decatur, IL

Leia’s Hope Canine Rescue is a foster based rescue located in Decatur IL. 

Our Mission: To rescue, rehabilitate and find loving forever homes for senior dogs at animal control facilities and dogs in commercial breeding facilities. To educate the public about the Commercial Breeding industry and tell each dog’s story. We believe every dog deserves a chance at life, love and happiness.

We focus on senior dogs at animal control facilities and puppy mill dogs (aka commercial breeding dogs). Senior dogs are often the first to be euthanized when space becomes an issue at animal control facilities. Second, we focus on dogs that have lived their life as a puppy producing machine, forced to provide profit for their owners. These dogs spend their lives in small dirty cages, barn stalls or other confinement. They are deprived of love, socialization and medical care. Many are fed moldy food, unclean water and have medical problems that go untreated. Once their usefulness is over they are destroyed, abandoned or shipped off to the auction to be sold to the highest bidder where the cycle continues.

For most mill dogs, rescue is their only way out and auction is their best, and maybe only chance at freedom. Leia’s Hope (and other rescues) attend these auctions and buy their freedom. This is a controversy subject to many. Some believe rescues should not purchase dogs or give mill dog owners money. We understand and respect that opinion. However, there are over 1 million adult breeding dogs in puppy mills and only about 7-8,000 go to the auction, and rescues only save about 20% of them, what happens to the rest we don’t know for sure. Most are destroyed, others are dropped out in the country, and some (very few) are surrendered to rescue. Our view is this, mills (commercial breeding) is slavery and if we have to buy them to save them, we will! After all, if this were a child and you had to pay to get them out, would you?

We fundraise specifically for the mission of saving mill dogs. We attend the auction throughout the year. The dogs purchased at the auction often need more than just standard medical care (vaccines and spay/neuter). We do everything we can to prepare them for a lifelong home where they can finally be free and loved!

If you would like to join us in our mission, please consider fostering (Decatur, IL and surrounding area) or giving a monetary donation (just click the “Donate” button at the top of our page). 

Leia’s Hope is a volunteer-run rescue organization. All of our dogs are housed in foster homes where they receive all the love and medical care they need. We rescue dogs from animal control facilities, breeders retiring their parent dogs, dog breeder auction, and local owners who can no longer care for their dogs. All dogs are fully vetted receiving appropriate vaccines, spay/neuter, microchipped, heart worm and flea prevention and anything else deemed essential for good quality of life. We love our dogs like family and want the very best for them! Thank you for considering Leia’s Hope for your next family member!

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