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Your support is critical to our mission!

Less than 1 week left to order your tshirts speaking your voice to choose rescue over breeders!

Puppy Mill facts according to the humane society.
1. There are over 200,000 female dogs kept for breeding in puppy mills.
2. Those females are producing approx 1.3 million puppies a year.
3. Approximately 25% of those puppies will end up in shelters or rescues.

We hear the slogan Adopt don’t Shop and we get the intent behind it but adopting is still shopping. The adopter is still searching rescues, shelters, rehoming sites for their furry friend. We are not saying Don’t shop, instead we are saying SHOP RESCUE FIRST over a breeder!

You can order your t-shirt by donating a minimum of $25 per shirt below.

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Leia's Hope - Rescue Over Breeder T-Shirt

Leia's Hope - Rescue Over Breeder T-Shirt

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