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Foster Info

Leia’s Hope Canine Rescue is a a foster-based rescue which rescues primarily senior and special needs dogs.

We do not have a physical shelter, as all our dogs are in foster homes. We rescue by pulling dogs from local shelters, retired breeder dogs, or responding to requests from owners who wish to surrender their dogs directly to us to avoid putting them in a shelter.

Leia's Hope Canine Rescue - Decatur, IL: Foster InfoFoster homes are a better place for dogs looking to be adopted, particularly senior dogs, for a several reasons. Shelter life is stressful! Dogs live most of their day on concrete and behind bars, listening to other dogs bark constantly, and although shelter staff do their best, dogs often don’t get as much attention as they should. In a foster home, dogs live just like it was their HOME. Not only do they get all the love and attention of your household pets, which is good for them, but they learn/reinforce those pet skills which are good for their future adopter: socialization with people/pets, housebreaking, commands, etc.

Fostering breeder dogs and puppy mill dogs can be challenging and rewarding! These dogs have likely never known a home, love or a kind touch. Having them start their journey gets them use to a home environment and helps set them up for success in their forever home. We prefer our breeder dogs to go to a foster home with a fence. Your foster coordinator will be there to coach you through the challenges of a puppy mill dog. There is nothing so rewarding and satisfying when these dogs finally start to relax and do simple dog things, like take a treat from your hand!  

We are always looking for new Fosters, including expanding to surrounding areas! Our current foster radius includes Decatur and Springfield IL and surrounding area. If you are close to one of these cities and can make vetting appointments then please complete a foster application. If you have questions please email us or click the link below. We provide the food, vetting and grooming, and you provide the love! Your current pets must be current on rabies vaccination and bordetella is highly recommended. A fenced in yard and another canine in the come will be required to foster any of our adult puppy mill dogs. This is for the safety and well being of everyone.