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Your support is critical to our mission!

Any financial help we receive goes directly to care for senior and special needs dogs, many of which have medical issues and special dietary requirements. We make sure all of our fostered pets are groomed, given a check up by a veterinarian, and receive any treatment, medications or sometimes life-saving surgeries, that they’ll need to live a happy life.

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Become a Puppy Mill Sponsor!

As funds allow, we visit the auction where dogs are bought and sold for the main purpose of breeding more puppies. Many of these dogs live their entire lives in cages and receive little to no vetting. For the few lucky ones, the cycle of abuse stops when a rescue can purchase them. It is then, they find out what love is and have the opportunity at a happy life! Help us be their hope for a better life! If you would like to become a puppy mill sponsor, please donate below and include a note that says mill sponsor. We will then mark those funds to be used for our mill dogs ONLY. 

Use the form below to make your donation with a Credit Card, Paypal or Venmo account.