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Adoption Facts & Questions



1. Dogs are a lifetime commitment. Our goal is for our adopted dogs to NEVER be in another home but the home they are adopted into. However, sometimes things happen. It is part of our contract that we are to be notified if the adopter can no longer care for the dog (this includes death). The dog should not be sold, given away or surrendered to another organization or person without first contacting us.

2. We do not hold dogs for a potential adopter. Therefore, if you are not ready to adopt within the next week, please do not put in an application until you are ready. 


Q: Do you adopt outside the Decatur, IL or Troy, MO area?

A: Yes, we adopt anywhere in the United States. However, we do not provide transportation or ship our dogs. You and the entire family (children and dogs) will be required to come to the location of the dog (Decatur or Troy) to meet the dog and to adopt. If flying, the dog must ride in the cabin and the health certificate required by the airline will be at the adopter’s expense.

Q: Can I meet the dog before completing an application?

A: Typically no, unless we are having an event and the dog will be there. All of our dogs are in foster homes and not in a central location therefore, an approved application is required for most meets. An application does not guarantee you will be able to adopt nor obligate you to adopt if you or our volunteers believe it is not a good match.

Q:  What if I adopt the dog and things do not work out?

A: We have a two week trial period after the adoption. If things do not work out, for any reason, within those two weeks, just bring back the dog and we will refund the adoption fee.

Q: What vetting will the adopted dog have?

A: The adopted dog will be current on age appropriate vaccines (DAPP and Rabies and sometimes bordetella), microchipped, spay/neutered and on flea and heart worm prevention. In many cases, older dogs will have received a dental, full panel blood test and any other necessary surgeries. Any and all treatments and diagnosis will be disclosed within the dog’s bio and medications, if needed, will be disclosed and sent with the dog. Follow up care is the responsibility of the adopter. If you adopt a puppy that is too young for spay/neuter LHCR will cover up to $200 of the cost to spay/neuter at adopter’s vet. Please note, the contract to adopt is not final until the spay/neuter has been performed.

Q: I do not live close to Decatur or Troy, how do you perform a homecheck?

A: For applicants not living within 30 miles of Decatur/Troy we perform virtual homechecks. We can do a virtual homecheck with Facetime (iphone) or Zoom (Android). Applicant will need an internet connection and a smart phone or tablet.

Q: What is your adoption fee?

A: Our adoption fee ranges from $150-600. Please see the dog’s bio on our website or the search engine used to find the dog, to determine a specific dog’s adoption fee.

Q: Do you notify applicants if they are not chosen?

A: We try to notify applicants as time permits. However, due to life’s demands and the quantity of requests it is not always possible. If you do not hear from us it is because we do not have a dog in our program that is a match. Please be sure you are reading the dog’s bio and our requirements prior to applying.

Q: Do you require a physical fenced yard for all your dogs?

A: No, although it is beneficial. Most of our adult puppy mill dogs will require a secure PHYSICAL fenced yard (we do not accept electric fences as secure). This is for the safety of our dog. Many of our puppies will not require a fenced yard, but we do expect you to walk the dog (tie outs and outdoor pens are not acceptable). Please read the dog’s bio for the needs of the individual dog(s). 


If you are interested in adopting one of our available pets, please go to the Adoption Process tab.


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